This Is Why We Need to STOP Calling It 'Research & Development'

By Made In Group
schedule11th Nov 22

In this article we are looking back on an important event which was put on for members of Made in Group back in January 2022, where Cooper Parry's Chris Knott hosted a Masterclass titled 'Let’s stop calling it R&D: the reality for manufacturers'.

Chris from Cooper Parry has over 20 years’ experience in helping companies prepare and submit R&D tax relief claims to HMRC, delivering huge benefits for business. As an engineer by background, Chris is ideally placed to explain the reality of the highly generous R&D tax relief schemes for manufacturers. In recent years, working closely with both HMRC and the Chartered Institute of Tax themselves, he has become a leading voice for the need for accreditation and integrity in the increasingly saturated claims market.

R&D Incentives Partner, Chris Knott, MIM’s R&D Patron Partner – discussed all things R&D here. It’s been a hot topic for many years and still easy to misunderstand and either not think you qualify at all, or to underclaim due to a lack of experience of the legislation and leave valuable cash on the table. Something no members can afford to do in the current climate. So Chris covered  some basics but with a very practical flavour as to what can be claimed in reality by manufacturers, to get their fair share of that cash, even within a tightening compliance climate by HMRC.

  • Let’s stop calling it R&D – the criteria in real terms for manufacturing
  • Client (MIM member) testimonials
  • What’s really needed to make a claim
  • HMRC’s response to a shark-filled market!

You can the full event back on Made Talks HERE or watch the short clip taken from the presentation below. You can also contact Cooper Parry for more support through their microsite now.



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