How Machine Monitoring Can Help Manufacturers Facing Huge Energy Prices

By Made in Group
schedule13th Oct 22

October's instalment of The Editor's Pick saw guest editor Dave Wheatley (Sales Director from Wickens Engineering) speak with 3 industry leaders from the Made in Group about their latest company news.

As that week's Guest Editor, Dave was able to select any recent news stories from the Made in Group membership, and decided to speak with Paul Hodgetts from In-Comm Training, David Alexander from Lander Tubular Products and Robin Hartley-Willows from FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics to discuss the latest in manufacturing.

In the midst of the current energy crisis, here we are focusing on the segment of the episode in which we heard from Fourjaw Manufacturing Analytics's founder Robin Hartley-Willows.

David was keen to find out more from Robin about an article posted on Fourjaw's microsite recently titled "Manufacturers Are Facing Huge Energy Price Rises. We Look At How Can Machine Monitoring Help."

One way machine monitoring software can help manufacturers' on their journey to being more sustainable is by measuring their machine productivity levels to make sure all equipment (new and old) is running as optimally as possible. Thus reducing wastage, both in terms of raw materials but also time and energy.

Made in Yorkshire Patron FourJaw have simplified IIoT by creating the first easy-to-use and affordable Machine Monitoring platform designed to enable manufacturers to overcome manufacturing complexities that naturally lead to inefficiencies.

Watch the full episode back here or watch the individual clip below!



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