5 Made Talks Which Will Inspire Sustainable Manufacturing Within Your Business

By Made in Group
schedule30th May 22

Sustainable manufacturing, or green manufacturing, is the process by which firms aim to optimise their processes in a way which minimises negative environmental impact. Conserving energy and natural resources in this way is widely accepted as vital for a future which is projected to be carbon and resource constrained for manufacturers.

In an effort to inspire and educate businesses regarding this topic, we have put together 5 Made Talks on sustainable manufacturing. In total, there are over 50 Made Talks by industry experts, which are there to share best practice, inspire and educate yourself and your staff. From "creative ways for manufacturers to go green" and "how to balance global presence with local identity", to "the basics of manufacturers protecting themselves with cybersecurity" and "how to build a successful company culture".


Manufacturer Uses Creative Ways to Go Green

This instalment of Made Talks sees Malthouse Engineering Managing Director Dr. Roy Taylor speak to members of Made in Group at a Virtual Breakfast Morning which took place on 21st January 2022. Roy goes into detail about how Malthouse now harvests all of its own water and has made further progress to being more sustainable, with the net-zero goal in mind.


5 Tips to Manage Your Energy Costs

Given the extreme energy market conditions, Liam Conway of Control Energy Costs talks about The Made In Energy Club and how to proactively manage energy costs. The content is relevant to those within the membership who are responsible for the energy costs and strategy of their business.


How Schneider Electric Uses Smart Technology to Reduce Carbon Emissions

This instalment of Made Talks sees Schneider Electric Plant Director Laurent Bergier speak to members of Made in Group at a Virtual Breakfast Morning which took place on 23rd June 2021. Laurent discusses Schneider's sustainability journey, what they can offer in their services, the EV charger story and the softwares for industry 4.0.


The Importance of Decarbonising Operations in Manufacturing

Here, Pro Enviro Managing Director Nersi Salehi speak to members of Made in Group at a Virtual Breakfast Morning which took place on 23rd February 2022. Nersi spoke about the company's recent ventures and the importance of decarbonising operations. 


Airbus' Mission to Produce a Zero Emissions Aircraft

At a Backing Britain 3.0 LIVE expo event which took place on Tuesday 26th April 2022 at Walsall FC, Graham Davidson (Industrial Architect at Airbus) spoke inspirationally about Airbus' mission to produce a zero emissions aircraft.


To support in this topic also, The Made In Energy Club enables all members to save money on their business energy bills. The Club has been formed in partnership with patron Control Energy Costs.  The purchasing power of the this energy club allows businesses to benefit from a reduction in the cost of energy – an ongoing and unavoidable cost to all our members. The more businesses that join the Energy Club, the more they can save. Find out more about this here.

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